McMaster / Math 731

Introduction to algebraic topology with focus on the fundamental group and homology.

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UQAM / SW stable homotopy theory

We consider ways of understanding aspects of Seiberg-Witten theory using a stable homotopy theory approach.We associate to the gauge theoretic situation a stable homotopy type. From this, we proceed by extracting information with the plethora of invariants coming from algebraic topology. This new way of looking at Seiberg-Witten has been used to reprove gauge theoretic results like Donaldson’s diagonalisation, the 11/8 theorem and the triangulation conjecture.

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McGill / Math 123

Introduction to linear algebra with applications from probability theory and optimisation.

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McGill / Math 381

Complex calculus focusing on methods for evaluating integrals over domains in the complex plane and the computation of various transforms and their application in engineering.

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